What is 3D Care Plus?

3D Care Plus was developed by Emergent Protect and Get3DSmart. Emergent Protect is a leading warranty program development firm with over 20 years experience in the warranty industry. Get3DSmart is a consultancy which helps companies identify and capitalize on big opportunities in 3D printing.

  • 3D printer OEMs: all are looking to grow revenues and enter new sales channels
  • 3D printer customers: too many are dissatisfied with their purchase and frustrated with lack of support

Emergent Protect and Get3DSmart have partnered to help solve these problems. 3D Care Plus is a turnkey program designed to help 3D printer OEMs grow revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

OEM Benefits

  • Longer warranty for the customer, no cost to the OEM
  • Generous margins for the participating OEMs
  • Extended warranties boost product sales – many customer want the extra support
  • Competitive advantage for participating OEMs
  • Registered, legally compliant program
  • Qualified participating OEMs can become an authorized repair provider

Customer Benefits

  • Attractive pricing
  • Parts and labor service for approved repairs
  • Excellent customer service
  • Programs for households, offices and schools
  • 1 and 2 Year term options
  • Peace of mind coverage
  • Various repair options available


To learn more or get started:

Rob Christian
Los Angeles
Mobile: (502) 741-74287

John Hauer
Mobile: (513) 341-5425